Select Case Results

Traumatic Brain Injury

Jimmy & Elena Garcia v. Lenox Hill Florist III, Inc., George Seretis
$3,000,000 was recovered for a 67 year old Queens pedestrian Read more

Construction and Workplace Injuries

Jacinto Urbano v. Pavarini Construction Co., Inc., Madison 45 LLC
$2,500,000 was recovered for a 41 year old demolition laborer Read more

Ryan v. Breezy Point Cooperative, Inc.
$1,200,000 was recovered for a 57 year old laborer who was installing Read more

Municipal Liability & Wrongful Death

Cowart v. Metro North Commuter Railroad:
A structured settlement valued at $1,100,000 was recovered on behalf of the surviving Read more

Baez v. The City of New York:
$3,000,000 was recovered for the spouse of a 29 year old man who was asphyxiated and killed by a NYC police officer Read more

Pfeiffer v. Long Island Railroad
A $1,860,000 verdict was obtained from a Federal Court jury on behalf of a 41 year old train conductor who was exposed Read more

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sennett v. Horveilleur, et. al.
$800,000 was recovered for a 53 year old roadway worker who sustained a complex fracture of the foot [2nd metatarsal] following Read more

Thompson v. Kilmeade, Highlands
$575,000 was recovered for a teenage girl who sustained a fractured pelvis in a motor vehicle collision where a Jeep blew a stop-sign Read more

Tsuchimoto v. Tsuchimoto
$485,000 was recovered for a 60 year old mother who was a passenger in her son’s vehicle when he violated a red light Read more

Perez v. Brux Cab Corp., and Ferrara v. Castro
In these cases LeBlang Law took the insurance companies all the way to the Appellate Court in order to win the cases Read more

Premises Accidents

Faison  v. Circle Line Sightseeing Yachts, Inc.
$425,000 was recovered for a 31 year old woman who tripped on a pothole at the Circle Line’s outdoor parking lot Read more