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Traumatic Brain Injury Cases:

Traumatic brain injuries are sustained by more than 1.4 million people in the United States every year. Whether caused by motor vehicle collisions, falls, on-the job construction incidents, or other mechanisms of injury, these injuries can have devastating affects upon the victims and their families. The financial costs and the specialized care these injuries require are staggering, estimated at more than $56 billion annually. The human cost is incalculable! The representation of persons with traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not routine. Prosecuting these claims demands an understanding of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, brain function and the cutting edge technologies of neuro-imaging, neuro-pharmacology and TBI rehabilitation care. At LeBlang Law we have dedicated a substantial amount of our practice to those who have suffered traumatic brain injury, with proven case results and published TBI judicial decisions argued by the firm. We know that the carelessness of others changes lives in an instant; that the physical, cognitive, emotional, and financial toll a brain injury can inflict are life altering; and, that a brain injured person needs a relentless champion as their advocate. The stakes are high, but at LeBlang Law we are committed to using the leading scientific evidence, medical expertise, and advanced courtroom technology to deliver the unmistakable proof that judges and juries require in traumatic brain injury cases.
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Construction and Workplace Accidents

Construction sites and workplaces can be dangerous locations, with the safety of workers and passers-by often completely dependent upon the actions of others. Too many have been grievously injured or killed because of on-the-job carelessness or a failure of adequate protection. While Workers’ Compensation laws limit an employee’s right to file a lawsuit against his or her employer, the protections afforded by New York law often make building owners, contractors, construction managers and others [who are not the employer] strictly liable for any injuries sustained. Indeed, the right to recover against such parties is separate from and in addition to an employee’s right to collect workers compensation and disability benefits. But the interplay of these laws is challenging and constantly changing. These claims are not routine, and prosecuting these claims demands proven expertise in the Labor Law, construction accidents and workplace injury litigation.

LeBlang Law has had decades of experience in this area, and it shows both in its case results and the published Labor Law judicial decisions argued by the firm.
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Motor Vehicle Cases

Motor vehicle accidents are the cause of more disabling injuries in this country than any other mechanism of trauma. Regrettably, many of these incidents are avoidable and the consequence of driver negligence, inattention or simple distraction. When the worst occurs, the innocent victims and their families are confronted with a tangle of insurance issues, medical bills, financial distress, and the emotional and physical impact of their injury and disability. If you’ve been seriously injured, you’re going to need serious legal help, and you’re going to need it almost immediately! At LeBlang Law we’ll handle all of the issues that are triggered by your serious injury. Even more importantly, no one will be more thorough in investigating and prosecuting your claim so as to command a full and fair personal injury award!
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Premises, Sidewalk and Building Accidents

Every property owner has a legal obligation to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition, and to protect those who use that property from potential dangers. Too often, safety issues and protections are overlooked when weighed against the costs of regular maintenance and repair. Whether the danger arises from a broken sidewalk or a defective stairway, from an elevator or a building facade, from lead paint or scalding tap water, or the simple failure to protect a lobby from slippery conditions - those dangers can and often do lead to serious injuries. When that happens, the property owners may be liable, and the insurance protections they have paid for may be available to compensate those innocent victims. As shown in our select cases, LeBlang Law has had uncommon success in championing the rights of it’s clients injured as a result of premises liability.
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Municipal/Government Liability

Just like every other person or organization, governmental entities are obligated by law to carry out their business safely and with reasonable care. And that is so regardless of whether it is a City, County, Village, Town, the State of New York, Fire or School Districts, Public Authorities or one of the many Public Benefit Corporations. What is VASTLY different in handling cases against these entities, though, is that they have protections and immunities that no-one else has. For example, a governmental entity cannot be sued until the completion of an entire claims process which is complex, detailed and full of potential pitfalls. Even when the claims process is completed and a lawsuit may first be initiated, these entities are immune from liability in a patch-work quilt of circumstances that sometimes defies logic. Municipal liability is NOT for the attorney who is unfamiliar with this landscape!

As a senior trial lawyer for the City of New York [in the 80’s] Skip LeBlang cut his teeth in defending the City against complex injury cases ranging from medical malpractice to ferry boat collisions to police misconduct. His monographs have been used for years as the training guides for the new lawyers defending the City. And now, as a champion for those injured through governmental negligence, LeBlang Law has the proven track record of success that has earned it the reputation as one of the best.
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Wrongful Death

There is nothing more tragic nor moving than the death of an innocent person from the carelessness or neglect of another! Civil justice for that loss is governed by New York’s antiquated wrongful death laws and, sadly, requires action by a victim’s loved ones even while they remain overwhelmed by their own sorrow and grief. Adding insult to the process is the very disturbing manner in which these wrongful death laws measure and value the life of the innocent. “Pecuniary Value” to their dependents is the terrible and insensitive standard by which New York law measures human life. What did they earn? What was the financial value they contributed to their loved ones?

A champion of these claims must be creative and experienced in using this pecuniary standard to fully celebrate the life [and the value] of the lost loved one. They must be skilled in practice before both the Supreme and the Surrogate Courts which hold jurisdiction over these actions, and in the different rules, time-lines, and procedures of those Courts. At LeBlang Law we have handled wrongful death claims arising tragically from the death of spouses, parents and even more sadly - children. There is no substitute for proven experience. If you have lost a loved one from the carelessness or neglect of another, call LeBlang Law.
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